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Mike's Atmos Clock Clinic's typical letter to my Refinisher

This is an Atmos clock and it's for my customer Smith. Enclosed please find the following for polishing down to the brass and then a clear coat as the final step. It is an Atmos clock with 21 pieces total. 6 pieces – (4 posts and 2 rectangular “rings” about 7 1/2” long at the longest point) for the polishing and clear coat. 4 pieces – some (3) have “NO” on their inside which means that side does not need refinishing but polish and clear coat on the (non-no) other side. 3 pieces – I have blue taped these because they are to be painted with a close match of the finish. The “L” shaped piece only the long end what is already gold colored and not the steel smaller end with the screw hole. 4 screws – just the screw heads for polishing and try to match the above pieces. These are in the plastic bag stapled to this letter. 2 pins – just the heads of these pins and don't grab the slotted end because they cannot be crushed and I need them as is. Just do your best and these are in the plastic bag as well. 1 round piece – the pendulum bob with the “dimples” about 85mm in diameter and 3 holes in it. 1 round piece with 4 threaded screws and blue tape on it to be painted. Respectfully, Mike In addition most bubble levels are shellacked in and it has to removed and the 3 rubber bushing's or feet have to be taken out as well. The reason for taking these out is that the refinishing process can and will damage or destroy these items. When it comes back these must be installed and a shellacked bubble level is tricky because it is mounted and secured with the shellac. It must be level and secured using heat and that is not an easy task. The rubber feet are driven back in and secured with glue. Also all the glass must be removed before the parts are sent to the Refinisher. LeCoultre uses thin rubber gaskets to secure the glass and all of these must be removed as well. Obviously, all gaskets and glass must be installed when the parts come back and this offers a little challenge. Many Atmos' I see have loose glass. That is because the prior person did not install the rubber gaskets and I do it the way it was done initially.

Copyright © 1995-2019 Michael P. Murray & Mike's Clock Clinic

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